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    OMEA 2017 Professional Development Conference (Schedule)
  Exhibit Floor Level East      
Room 17
791 SF
16' CLG.
Room 19
1,501 SF
16' CLG.
Room 21
1,501 SF
16' CLG.
Room 23
1,488 SF
16' CLG.
Day Time 17 19 21 23
Thurs. 12:30 PM Change/Perspective- Ryan VanBibber Assesing Your Music Students Online- James Frankel Creating and Integrating Online Content- Jane Kuehne GarageBand Goodies- Jim Tinter
Thurs. 12:45 PM
Thurs. 1:00 PM
Thurs. 1:15 PM
Thurs. 2:00 PM Getting Started With the New Smart Music- Ted Scalzo Breezin' Thru Composing: Now Everyone Can Create Music!- Jean McKen Recording Ensembles for Self and Student Assessment- Jay Dorfman Teaching Popular Music Appreciation and History- Brian Laasko
Thurs. 2:15 PM
Thurs. 2:30 PM
Thurs. 2:45 PM
Thurs. 3:30 PM Software Instruments for K-5- Ian Boynton Sound Advice for All- Micah Blouin Google Your Way to Accomplished- Part Deux- Brian Frey and Lesley Schultz IVC is Elementary: Ongoing Video Conference Collaboration in General Music Classrooms- Heather Mandujano
Thurs. 3:45 PM
Thurs. 4:00 PM
Thurs. 4:15 PM
Thurs. 5:00 PM Audacity in the Classroom- Jenny Barham Teaching Music in the Cloud- James Frankel TI:ME for Ohio- Ohio TI:ME Board Panel Discussion Looptastic!- Kris Gilbert
Thurs. 5:15 PM
Thurs. 5:30 PM
Thurs. 5:45 PM
Friday, Feb. 5          
Fri. 8:00 AM Recording for the Elementary Music Classroom- Ian Boynton Social Networking and Composition: Perfect Together- James Frankel Your Own Devicies: Implementing 1:1 Technology in the General Music Classroom- Carolyn Tritch and Tamara Frost Teaching the Art of DJing-Brian Laasko
Fri. 8:15 AM
Fri. 8:30 AM
Fri. 8:45 AM
Fri. 9:15 AM Elementary Music Classroom SMARTBoard: activities, review games, projects and how-to's- Cathy Shinaberry Mobile Devices Made Easy with Quaver Music- Catherine Dwinal Making Videos for Your Music Program that Don't Suck- Will Kuhn Notation, Composition Projects and Performance Portfolios in Google Classroom- Christopher Chidsey
Fri. 9:30 AM
Fri. 9:45 AM
Fri. 10:00 AM
Fri. 10:30 AM Dorico- The New Era in Notation Software- Greg Ondo March-ing Madness- Micah Blouin Why Hip-Hop is Interesting- Ethan Hein Recording on IOS with Apogee- Cody Cloe
Fri. 10:45 AM
Fri. 11:00 AM
Fri. 11:15 AM
Fri. 12:30 PM Using Video Direction as an Application of the Study of Music- Robert Willey The Exciting New Breezin' Thru Theory: Now, For Any Device!- Jean McKen TI:ME Leadership Academy Panel Discussion Working with Digital Scores- Robby Burns
Fri. 12:45 PM
Fri. 1:00 PM
Fri. 1:15 PM
Fri. 2:30 PM QR Codes in Music Education- Rex Phung Can You PLICK it? Yes You Can!- Kris Gilbert This Remix is Fire- Will Kuhn Advocating for a Music Technology Curriculum- John Mlynczak
Fri. 2:45 PM
Fri. 3:00 PM
Fri. 3:15 PM
Fri. 3:45 PM Finale 101: Learn the Essentials to Get You Going- Ted Scalzo Music Composition as Experience: New Composition Strategies for the Modern Classroom- Matthew McLean Accessable Interfaces for Beginner Music Makers- Ethan Hein Cloud-Based Assessment Management Using Charms- Justin Mirche
Fri. 4:00 PM
Fri. 4:15 PM
Fri. 4:30 PM
Fri. 5:00 PM Setting Up and Managing Internet Radio- Robert Willey What? I Have to Teach Music Technology Too?- Korey Black and Kris Turner It's About TI:ME- Panel Discussion Digital Time Management for the Music Teacher- Robby Burns
Fri. 5:15 PM
Fri. 5:30 PM
Fri. 5:45 PM
Saturday, Feb. 6          
Sat. 8:00 AM Thinking About Beginner Filmscoring: a CRASH Course- Janice Smith Smartmusic for Jazz: Studies for Beginner to Advanced- Ted Scalzo Tech Yourself!- Micah Blouin PC-based Modern Music Creation 101- Anthony Conte
Sat. 8:15 AM
Sat. 8:30 AM
Sat. 8:45 AM
Sat. 9:15 AM Apps and Devices: Integrating Technology Into Ensemble Ear Training- Ryan Scherber Retaining the Tech-Savvy Generation- John Mlynczak Live Sound and Recording: It's More Than Plugs and Faders- Mark Lochstampfor Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers- Robby Burns
Sat. 9:30 AM
Sat. 9:45 AM
Sat. 10:00 AM
Sat. 10:45 AM Creating Your Vision: Tools to Guide the Future of Your Music Tech Program- David Thompson There's an App for That!- Kris Gilbert Music Tech 101: A Full Curriculum and How to Teach It- Brian Laasko Creative Composition with iPads in the Elementary Music Room- Christopher Burns
Sat. 11:00 AM
Sat. 11:15 AM
Sat. 11:30 AM
Sat. 12:15 PM Duets, Duos and Pairs: Composition Projects- Janice Smith Customizing Your Music Technology Classroom- Dennis Giotta Problem Based Learning in Music- Richard Clarke Enhancing Music Class with Technology and Online Instruction- Marianne White
Sat. 12:30 PM
Sat. 12:45 PM
Sat. 1:00 PM
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