Creating Accompaniments for Recorder Music Using Garage Band

Creating Accompaniments for Recorder Music Using Garage Band

Carol Carstensen
[email protected]
Safety Harbor Elementary

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Music Production




General Music


Mac computers with Garage Band


40+ Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

The students are acquainted with Garage Band and understand how to use the loops.
The students have learned several songs on their recorders and can play them successfully.
The students have developed their aural skills to determine if an accompaniment will fit the melody.
The students have worked as a class with the teacher to create an accompaniment to another recorder song and have played it.

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 2: Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
MENC 3: Improvising melodies, harmonies, and accompaniments.
MENC 4: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.
MENC 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.
MENC 7: Evaluating music and music performances.


Mac computers with Garage Band, Sibelius and headphones.


Students will be able to compose their own accompaniment to a well-known folk song that they can play on their recorder.
Students will be able to play that folk song while listening to their accompaniment.
Students will be able to listen to their accompaniment to determine whether or not it works with the melody.


1) Students review 2 songs that are familiar to them and that they can play correctly. (5 min)
For Example:
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hot Cross Buns
2) Students will be partnered up and assigned to a computer.
3) Students are then given specific directions as to what they will accomplish on the computer. They are to choose one of the two songs and create an accompaniment. (5 min) Here are the criteria:
a)Choose a song, both melodies have already been entered on the computer into Garage Band by the teacher, using Sibelius or Garage Band.
b)Choose either band or orchestra instruments that must contain a bass voice, tenor voice, alto voice, and soprano voice.
c)Song must contain at least 2 percussion instruments as well, not including Drumset.
d)Accompaniment created should have an 2 bar introduction and a 2 bar coda.
4) Students begin work on their projects, teacher will circulate around to see how they ! are progressing, as well as to answer questions. (15+ min)
5) Once students finish their projects, they practice their recorders while listening to the accompaniment. (5-10 min)
6) When everyone has finished their projects, the students will play their creations for the class and the class will not only critique them, they will play along as well. (20 min, depending on how many groups)


Students will be evaluated by the teacher as the teacher walks around listening to how they work together to create the accompaniment.
Students will be evaluated on how well they work in groups.
Students will be evaluated by their peers as to how successful is their accompaniment.
Students will be evaluated by the teacher after hearing their accompaniment.
Students will also be evaluated by listening to their recorder playing.

Follow Up:

There are so many follow ups – many songs that can have accompaniment added to them as well as improvisation.
As the students get more comfortable with the process and the program, the pieces can get longer and more involved.
Another assignment is to use rock band, or folk instruments, or world instruments to create the accompaniment.
The possibilities are endless and the children get to use their creativity!

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