Discovering Melodic Line

Discovering Melodic Line

Joseph J. Malafarina
[email protected]
Bellefonte Elementary School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:





General Music


Overhead, projector


20-30 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Whole note, half note, quarter note (tah), eighth note (tee-tee).

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 5: Reading and notating music.


Melodic Line Worksheet (examples)



Students will recognize the shape of several melodies through melodic line.


Hand out workboard or students sit at tables or desks (depending on the school). Have students sing one of their current songs or something easy like “Twinkle, twinkle…” Students can use hand positions to indicate notes going up or down (not Kodaly/Curwen hand signals). Then examine the same melody using the overhead projector and screen (or you can draw it on the board). A student might go to the screen and point as the class sings the song again. The teacher should review that notes go up and down as well as repeat. Hand out worksheet three common songs (you can always add more songs). Students should use their pencils or markers (or colored pencils) to “connect the dots (notes)” in the melodic line. Students can then try to guess the names of the song (with help from the teacher playing some of the notes). Collect papers, boards, pencils/markers at the end of the activity. If time, sing some of the songs from the worksheet.


Teacher should put some music “stickers” on the worksheets and return to students next class. Each student should have indicated the “melodic line” with their marker.

Follow Up:

Papers could also be assembled into a folder or “book” and returned to the classroom teacher for all to examine. Nice example for parents and principal to examine during conferences too.

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