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TI:ME 2021 Music Technology Composition

TI:ME is pleased to announce the 2021 Music Technology Composition Festival. The festival is open to students members of TI:ME enrolled in school at any level. Each entrant will receive a certificate with a rating and feedback, and a package of gifts from our sponsors. Selected entries will be featured in a live online presentation. Student membership has been reduced to $15 for 2021, for those joining before May 1, 2021. 

Deadline: May 1, 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted

Festival Details

Entrants may enter in any of the categories listed below, but only one entry per student. In the event of multiple entries the first
one received will be judged and the others disqualified.

Collaborations are strongly encouraged.

The festival is non-competitive and all entrants will receive the same prize package that will include an extension to their current one-year TI:ME student membership along with software and other music technology related gifts as determined by TI:ME sponsor donations.

The contest is free to enter for TI:ME Student Members. Only Student Members of TI:ME may enter. 

Preparing Your Entry

Please read the descriptions for details for each category.

Each entry must include a written description of your creative process. How did you start creating the project (what was your
influence or impetus?) What process did you go through to create the work? What did you learn during the process of creating
your project? In the case of collaborations, please indicate who did what. (maximum 500 words)

Original Composition – DAW

Original compositions are for any combination of electronic instruments and/or other instrument(s)/voices, produced using
digital audio workstation software (DAW). Compositions should demonstrate skill in production using DAW software.
Projects incorporating use of prerecorded loops will not be considered in this category. Entries will be submitted as mp3 audio
files (256 kbps minimum, VBR ok)

Original Composition – Notation

Original compositions are any combination of electronic instruments and/or other instrument(s)/voices, and produced using
notation software (DAW). Compositions should should demonstrate skill using notation software. Submissions should include a
score (PDF) and audio realization (mp3, 128 kbps minimum)

Covers, Remixes & Loop-Based Projects

fiArrangements/recordings of pre-existing songs, song samples and projects incorporating a combination of original material and
pre-recorded loops. Projects should demonstrate originality and creative use of technology and skills in mixing and production.
Entries will be submitted as mp3 audio files (256 kbps minimum, VBR ok)


Works demonstrating the convergence of music with more than one discipline, which may include art/photography, video,
broadcast journalism, digital storytelling or other media. Works need not be original compositions, but should reflect the
creative use of technology and demonstrate skill in integrating media. Entries will be submitted as a video demonstration (mp4).

Applied Technology

Distinctive projects that utilize technology for a specific purpose. Works may include the creation of new electronic musical
instruments, interactive music systems, software projects to aid in composition, performance, and music instruction, and more.
Entries will be submitted as a video demonstration (mp4).


The compositions are judged by experts in music production and composition. Entries will be evaluated on musical content,
technical proficiency, creativity, and reflection.

All decisions by TI:ME are final. Judges will award gold, silver or bronze certificates. Exceptional entries received the gold with
distinction award and will be featured in the online presentation

Submit Your Entry

Complete the form below. You will need to provide shared links to your project files and description

  • 1. Upload your files to a cloud-based storage site such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • 2. Right click on each file and get the Link. Sharing must be turned on.
  • 3. Files without proper permissions will be disqualified.
  • 4. Copy and paste the link into a different browser to test it. If it works, submit that link to TI:ME.

By submitting entries, participants are certifying that they own the copyrights to all materials, or have secured any necessary
permissions. Participants also agree to allow TI:ME or its sponsors to post, share and celebrate the work during and after the
contest. If any entry is received and the project has not been configured properly in the sharing settings for our judges to
hear/view their entry, it will be disqualified. Winners will be notified via email and announced on the TI:ME website. Rules and
requirements are subject to change and will be posted on the TI:ME website.

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