Grand Staff Note Name Practice

Grand Staff Note Name Practice

Mark Wagner
[email protected]
Manheim Township High School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Electronic Musical Instruments
Notation Software


High School


Music Technology


Computer and Finale 2006


10 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students should have beginning knowledge of note names on the grand staff.

NAfME Standards of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME Standards of 1994: Reading and notating music.

NAfME 2014: Creating


A computer with Finale 2006 installed.


Beginning musicians in high school keyboard classes frequently struggle with developing note name fluency. The objective of this lesson is to provide additional note name practice for those students in need of remediation.


1. Open the attached Finale document on a computer station in your teaching space.
2. Make sure that the document is set to appear in page view.
3. You may wish to set the document to appear at 200% to make it easier for your students to complete the assignment.
4. Assign one student at a time to the computer station until they have completed this practice activity.
5. All student directions appear within the attached document.
6. Most students will need between five and ten minutes to complete this activity.


When each student has identified the note names of all of the pitched in the assignment, the document takes them through a process causing the correct answers to appear below their own. This gives the students immediate feedback and helps them to identify which pitches they need to review.

Follow Up:

1. Students can repeat this practice session on subsequent days as needed. 2. Students can be given staff paper to create flash cards for those pitches which they identified incorrectly in this lesson.

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