Harmonization of ii-V-I Chord Progression

ii-V-I Chord Progession(Harmomization)

Jeffrey Darrohn
[email protected]
Abbotsfield Boys’ School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Electronic Musical Instruments


High School


Music Theory


Printed Work Sheet, Pianos or Keyboards or Guitar or other instruments.


45 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students possess knowledge the major scales, minor scales and dominant scales and some knowledge of the Mode names. Students have some skill at constructing a major and minor trriad.

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 4: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.
MENC 5: Reading and notating music.
MENC 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.


Projector or powerpoint, piano or keyboard or other instrument, possible examples from The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine.


The students analyze and play on an instrument Chords, Scales or Modes presented in the worksheet. The students will also analyze and play the Harmonized Examples individually or in pairs. The students then will write out on the specified section the harmony notes pertaining to the specified chords in the measures of the exercises. The students will use the presented material in class and on the worksheet to guide them on their selection of notes.


The instructor will explain the worksheet and it’s layout. The instructor will explain and play the examples at the piano or other instrument and play and explain other examples to the students from memory or the Mark Levine Book to further enhance the student’s knowledge.


The instructor will collect and evaluate the results from the students worksheets. Also the neatness of the writing will be evaluated.

Follow Up:

Based on the worksheet reults the instructor will use additional worksheets of equal difficulty and gradual difficulty. Other follow up worksheets and projects will include other keys, longer examples, possible scoring for band-orchestra instruments. Other chord progressions will be introduced.

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