Heath Jones – 2023 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Recipient

Heath Jones – 2023 TI:ME Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Recipient

TI:ME (Technology in Music Education) is pleased to announce that Heath Jones has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Award.

Heath currently teaches at McConnell Middle School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and has been teaching in the Gwinnett County School System since 2007, initially as a band director, and then transitioning to full-time Music Technology in 2016.

Teachers in Georgia are very familiar with Heath’s peerless promotion of creative teaching methods and advocacy for Music Technology in schools, as he has served for many years as the Music Technology chair of the Georgia Music Educators Association. He is a frequent presenter on Music Technology topics at music conferences both within Georgia and at other State MEA conferences.

:Heath is the author of “Music Technology 101”, published by Hal Leonard, which is one of the finest introductory volumes currently available for Music Technology teachers. Heath’s passion for the subject and easy, personable style make it a great read for anyone who wishes to learn more about teaching Music Technology at any educational level.

Begun in 2005, the Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Award is a highly prestigious award, given by the US’s top Music Technology advocacy group – TI:ME, and the award only recognizes the very best of the best. Previous winners are:

  • Amy Burns – 2005
  • Karen Garrett – 2006
  • Michael Fein – 2007
  • Ace Martin – 2008
  • Wayne Splettstoeszer – 2009
  • Rick Dammers – 2010
  • Joe Pisano – 2011
  • Barbara Freedman – 2012
  • Richard McCready – 2013
    Catie Dwinal – 2014
    Will Kuhn – 2015
    Marjorie LoPresti – 2016
  • Stephanie Sanders – 2017
  • Cherie Herring – 2018
  • Shawna Longo – 2019
  • Anne Fennell – 2020
  • Stefani Langol – 2021
  • Ryan Van Bibber – 2022

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