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TI:ME Announces Inservice Training Opportunities


Are you a TI:ME approved instructor?  If not, it's time to consider applying for approval.  TI:ME is starting an all-out effort to connect with school districts around the country to offer inservice training in music technology.  We’ve had great conversations recently with two large districts in Florida, and one large district in southern Ohio.  We’ve already contacted qualified TI:ME instructors in their area to help them.  In coming weeks we will be contacting school superintendents around the nation.  We need teachers who are available and interested in working with K-12 music teachers on the following TI:ME strategies (areas of competency).

  • Notation
  • Production
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Multimedia
  • Instructional Software
  • Systems

Please complete an application today!  We’ll make your information available to school districts and colleges and universities looking for music technology instructors. To apply, log into the TI:ME web site, choose the professional development menu, and select (click-on) the "Instructor/Site Application" link - not the "Instructor Agreement" (or just click here - note:  this link only works correctly if you're logged into the TI:ME site).



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