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January 2016 - Message from TI:ME President


This month's highlights:

- TI:ME exhibits at FMEA in Tampa, FL.

- TI:ME holds it's Advisory board meeting at NAMM on Saturday, January 23 from 2-3p Pacific in the Hilton, Balboa C room?

- TI:ME presents a session on Music Technology in the Classroom at NAMM on Sunday, 10-11a Pacific in the Hilton, Avila AB, Level 4.

- TI:ME holds it's Central Regional Conference in conjunction with OMEA in Cincinnati January 28-30.

Happy New Year! It's that time of year when many people set resolutions, often for the purpose of self-improvement. While following through with a resolution can be a challenge, the intention is worthwhile, even noble. The following might be typical resolutions for music teachers.

  • To be more efficient.
  • To update our teaching methods.
  • To update our classroom materials.
  • To be more inspirational to our students.
  • To be more relevant and contemporary.


And these improvements which have a direct benefit to the students in the music classroom are a central part of the mission of TI:ME.   Simply stated, our mission is to improve music instruction through the use of music technology.


But setting a resolution is only the first step.  We must work to insure that they are successful by seeking friends with similar interests, by looking for sources of insight and encouragement, by learning successful strategies from those with more experience, and by developing routines that encourage our goals.


TI:ME's activities support each of these resolutions and strategies. Plan now to attend the TI:ME Central Regional Conference in Cincinnati and the TI:ME National Conference in San Antonio, and the TI:ME Webinars. You will meet friends and colleagues with similar interests. You will find inspiration and encouragement. You will learn of new teaching methods and materials that will be relevant to your students.  These are just a few of the opportunities waiting with TI:ME.  Let's work together to make 2016 the greatest year yet!


Happy New Year!


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