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TI:ME is a 501-c3 Non-Profit Educational Organization

TI:ME Certification is recognition by an international organization of music educators of your ability to use music technology in music teaching and learning contexts. This certification distinguishes you within the field as a person that can bring diverse musical skills to students, schools, and communities.

TI:ME suggests that music teachers should know and use the following technologies with their students:

  • Notation Software
  • Production Software
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Instructional Software
  • Multimedia
  • Productivity Software, setup and technical skills

For a more detailed outline of what is included within each competency, please visit the TI:ME Areas of Pedagogical Skill and Understanding page.

The TI:ME Certification curriculum provides opportunities for educators to build these competencies and integrate these tools in their teaching.

Levels of TI:ME Certification

There are two levels of TI:ME Certification:

Level I Certification consists of two courses which build competencies in fundamental music technology skills such as music production, electronic musical instruments, technology-assisted learning, and digital media.

Level II Certification requires three additional courses (five total including level I requirements). They include one course in integrating technology into music curricula and two other courses that allow the learner to delve into specific technological areas of interest such as digital media and advanced music production.

Level I Certification is a prerequisite to earning Level II. Person's with significant experience with music technology may wish to pursue alternative certification (see below) so they may more quickly begin work on Level II.

Steps to Certification:

Level 1 Certification: Two Required Courses or Alternative Certification

To be TI:ME Level I certified the student must successfully complete TI:ME 1A and TI:ME 1B. Upon completion of the courses, students may apply for certification.

Level 1 Courses

  • TI:ME 1A – Basic Skills in Music Technology
  • TI:ME 1B – Technology-Assisted Learning and Digital Media (link to course description and materials

Alternative Certification:

This option is available to people who may be independent learners or already possess basic music technology competencies. Instead of completing the coursework through an institution, you would complete the assignments from the TI:ME 1A and TI:ME 1B workbooks independently (links to workbooks should be included on logged-in side). There are three steps to alternative certification:

  • Students pay $150 for 1A and/or $150 for 1B course
  • Complete assignments and have them checked at a TI:ME National or regional conference
  • Apply for certification on TI:ME Website (link to form)

Level 2 Certification: Take Two Elective Courses and One Required Course

To be TI:ME Level II certified the student must complete one course from each category: 2A, 2B, and 2C. Upon completion, the student may apply for certification.


2A Courses:

  • Electronic Instruments
  • Notation Software
  • Advanced Sequencing
  • Digital Media


2B Courses:

  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Interactive Web Programming
  • Digital Audio
  • Advanced Digital Audio


2C Course:

  • Curriculum Integration
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