Technology Institute for Music Educators
Helping Music Teachers Integrate Technology Since 1995
TI:ME is a 501-c3 Non-Profit Educational Organization

TI:ME could not exist without the generous work of our advisory board members, officers, and committees. Our advisory board consists of representatives from a broad array of educational institutions, publishers, and music technology companies. Below you will find a list of our officers and board members. Contact them at any time to discuss the future of TI:ME. Also, please consider serving on one of the many TI:ME committees. A full list with contact information is found at the bottom of this page.


TI:ME Officers

Mike Lawson Will Kuhn John Mlynczak  

Ryan Sargent

Micah Blouin Floyd Richmond Tiffany Stalker
President-Elect President Vice President Treasurer Past President Secretary



Current Role

Mark Lochstampfor

Conference Committee Chair

Scott Watson

Executive Committee, Publications Committee Member

Mike Lawson

Executive Director

Amy Burns

Past, Past-President

Teacher of the Year Chair

Publications Committee Member

Grants Committee Member

Floyd Richmond


Education Committee Member

Publications Committee Member

Research Committee Member

 Ryan Sargent

Vice President

Micah Blouin


 Tiffany Stalker


Jay Dorfman


Membership Committee Chairman

Rick Dammers

Leadership Committee Chair

Conference Committee Member

Research Committee Member

Jim Frankel

Board Member

MarCom Committee Member

Richard McCready

Chapters Chair

George Hess

Composition Chair

Marc Jacoby

MarCom Committee Member

Scott Lipscomb

Research Chair

George Litterst

Editorial/Web Committee Chair

John Mlynczak

Board Members

Mar/Com Committee Chair

Don Muro

Board Member

Scott Phillips

Board Member

Wayne Pierce

Publications Chair

Tom Rudolph

Executive Committee Chair

Membership Committee Member

David Williams

Board Member


Committees and Contact Information


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