Technology Institute for Music Educators
Helping Music Teachers Integrate Technology Since 1995
TI:ME is a 501-c3 Non-Profit Educational Organization

What TI:ME Does 

We operate a website with music technology information for members and non-members. Check it for the latest news, lists of conferences, lists of courses, and information on certification.  The website is also where members may renew their membership and communicate with one another through our Social TI:ME network.
Social Media
You can find TI:ME's Twitter page here:
TI:ME members can communicate with one another in the members only section of it’s web site using Social TI:ME.

TI:ME holds an annual national conference, most recently in conjunction with the Texas Music Educators Association each February.
TI:ME holds a central regional conference with the Ohio Music Educators Association each January.
TI:ME held it’s first northeast regional conference with NYSSMA in December of 2015.
TI:ME held it’s first micro conference with Tennessee in April of 2015.
TI:ME held a joint conference with NAfME in Nashville in October of 2015.
TI:ME’s conference will be expanding in future years.  See the TI:ME web site for upcoming announcements. 

TI:ME holds free monthly webinars on various topics in music technology for its members. Sign into the site to see the list of links and free registration information.
Lesson Plans
TI:ME maintains a database of over 400 music technology lesson plans. These searchable plans developed by TI:ME's members and leadership contain excellent ideas for teaching every area and level of music using music technology.
TI:ME publishes a monthly newsletter which is e-blasted to it’s membership. It contains updates on TI:ME activities, and useful music technology information.
TI:ME has membership plans for individuals, groups (members from the same school), institutions, and commercial members.
TI:ME recognizes the achievements of gifted teachers each year through it’s Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year program.
TI:ME recognizes administrators who have done notable work in the field of music technology with it’s Dunphy/Rudolph Administrator of the Year program.  
TI:ME recognizes the accomplishments of manufacturers of music technology through it’s Outstanding Achievement award.
TI:ME has written approximately ten courses which help music teachers learn and use technology in the classroom. Course topics include notation, production, instruments, instructional software and apps, multimedia, and systems.
TI:ME recognizes the achievements of music teachers who complete level 1 and level 2 music technology courses through a certification program. Alternative certification is available for level 1 courses.  Members and non-members can see our list of sites.
Strategies (Areas of Competency)
TI:ME defined a taxonomy of music technology objectives, first published in 1998 as the TI:ME Strategies, and now identified on it’s web site as the TI:ME Areas of Competency. These areas of competency have served as the foundation for the most of the music technology training for teachers.
TI:ME has a publications committee that has worked with leaders in music technology to author a number of significant books including Technology Strategies, Technology Guidebook, Music Technology Lessons for Elementary Teachers, Copyright for the Digital Age, Music Technology 101, and Learning Music using GarageBand for the iPad.
TI:ME maintains a database of research abstracts which are searchable by members when signed in through the professional development menu. TI:ME has done surveys of it’s membership which were published in professional journals. TI:ME is currently offering a series of mini-surveys to gather more information about music technology practices from it’s members.
TI:ME holds national and regional conferences and has a number of state and local chapters that work to further the cause of music technology in their area. Some TI:ME chapters assist their MEAs with their state conference and some present panel discussions at their MEA. Some maintain an electronic playground at their MEA.  Some hold independent training conferences and activities.  Some hold composition contests for their states.  
Receive Grants
TI:ME has worked closely with NAMM and other foundations over the years to secure grants advancing the cause of music technology. NAMM gave generous support to the organization in the late 1990s to help get things started. NAMM continues to support the TI:ME Leadership Academy with a grant.
Leadership Academy
Every year TI:ME invites a group of undergraduate and graduate music students to attend music technology training at it’s national conference. Students who are accepted receive an expense paid trip.
Composition Contest
The New Jersey Chapter of TI:ME pioneered a wonderfully successful composition contest.  TI:ME is now operating a national version of the contest based on the same model.
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