TI:ME needs your help on various commitees to help take the mission of our organization to the next level. Can you help? We need expertise, input and volunteer time! Some of the committee service areas we are restructuring or adding to include:
  • Editorial Committee - You’ll help create an editorial calendar for TI:ME’s website which will feed our newsletter’s content automatically each month. Skills needed: Planning, Creative Writing, Editing, and ability to learn basic Joomla news, calendar and newsletter software functions.
  • Membership Committee - We need people to help us ramp up our member services abilities online by being available to answer member questions, joining, renewing, and most importantly, helping us with recruitment ideas, campaigns and other outreach.You’ll learn to use TI:ME membership subscription services, learn to use our help ticket system to monitor questions/reponses, and share the work with other commitee members.
Many more committee opportunties are in the works as we reshape them, and we hope you’ll join us! Please add TI:ME Executive Director Mike Lawson as a Friend in the Social TI:ME area of our site, and message him there if you're interested in learning more.

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"My membership in TI:ME has changed my life. I was originally trying to integrate technology in my music classroom with little knowledge other than information that I had researched. When I discovered TI:ME, I FINALLY had access to resources that I could immediately use. I was able to network with other professionals and get advice. My TI:ME membership has enabled me to learn more - and teach my students using music technology. If you haven't signed up for TI:ME - it's about time!."

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