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image-14Well, apparently they are not! Unfortunately we have to report that a small batch of checks sent via USPS to be deposited in TI:ME’s account did not reach their destination, and have not been returned to their origin, either. We don’t believe the checks to be stolen or anything malicious, they were mailed at a post office, they just haven’t arrived nor been returned and its been over a month now.

We are very sorry to inconvenience you with this, but if you have sent a check to TI:ME in the past that has not cleared your bank, please contact TI:ME executive director Mike Lawson at either 615-870-9333 between noon and 6PM Mon-Fri to let him know, and he can make arrangements with you to either replace the check or sign up for your membership, etc electronically. You can also email Mike, but for immediate contact and concerns, please call him.

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