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This free event focuses on JamHub. The details are found below:


​TI:ME is happy to announce the publication for it's September 2016 webinar.. The webinar focuses on the  “Jamhub.” For those unfamiliar with the topic, A JAMHUB allow students to take the music making experience on iPads to the highest level. Up to 7 students can plug their iPads into a Jamhub and hear each other’s music in studio quality sound. Students can decide who they hear, who they don’t hear, and how loud they hear each person. A teacher can monitor everything with a headset/microphone, and they can offer feedback individually or to the whole group all at once. If students are creating music, they can seamlessly share their ideas with each other and make it a collaborative experience. A Jamhub gets students talking to each other about the music they are creating. If students are having a “jam session” and improvising, they can all hear each other clearly in their headphones, and it becomes an active, engaging, and fun experience. A Jamhub can even be used in live performance! Seven iPads can be used as live instruments, all while the teacher is controlling the mix that the audience hears by using a Solemix Remote. By watching this webinar, you will learn all about how a Jamhub can help your students become collaborative musicians that have numerous opportunities for musical creativity and improvisation.


Participants will be able to watch the webinar beginning today.  Please proceed to the following link to view the webinar:


Jamhub Webinar


Please contact the presenter with any questions:


Daniel Beal



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