Stephanie Sanders is the Director of the Concert Band, Advanced Band, Middle School Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band at Berwick Academy, in South Berwick, ME. She also teaches Electronic Music I, II, III, IV, Advanced Music Production, Music Theory, Fundamentals of Songwriting, Ukulele Ensemble, and Music in Pop Culture. Stephanie has been a music educator for the past 39 years. For over thirty years, she has integrated music technology as a tool in her music classroom.

Stephanie has been an advocate for educating colleagues and administrators about the importance of providing the most up-to-date education to our students in music technology and music production. She has written numerous grant proposals to acquire music technology for her students. She has provided time to teach technology to her colleagues to benefit their own learning as well as to assist them in providing better teaching to their students. A highly skilled music technologist and experienced teacher, Stephanie is a constant source of advice and guidance for all things musical, technological, and pedagogical. A former student stated, “Ms. Sanders is an asset to Berwick Academy not only because of her extensive knowledge of music and technology but also the way she interacts and creates bonds with her students.”

Stephanie has been a long standing member of TI:ME and has supported the organization through her membership and service. Her contributions go well beyond her school as she is published in local and regional music education association magazines, has presented and advised schools in her region, and has presented sessions at local, state, and national conferences. TI:ME is proud to announce Stephanie Sanders as their 2017 Mike Kovins TI:ME Teacher of the Year!

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"My membership in TI:ME has changed my life. I was originally trying to integrate technology in my music classroom with little knowledge other than information that I had researched. When I discovered TI:ME, I FINALLY had access to resources that I could immediately use. I was able to network with other professionals and get advice. My TI:ME membership has enabled me to learn more - and teach my students using music technology. If you haven't signed up for TI:ME - it's about time!."

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