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    TI:ME has been offered a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the Texas Music Educators Association publications leading up to the February 2013 TMEA/TI:ME conference. A series of eight articles, covering a wide range of music technology applications for various grade levels and content areas, will appear in Southwestern Musician, the official journal of TMEA. Written by TI:ME member authors, these will be a chance to share some of the wealth of talent and expertise within the TI:ME community with one of the largest MEA memberships in the nation. The first article in June will be written by Amy Burns—a great way to begin.

    If you have an idea that you would like to consider submitting for one of the remaining seven articles (approximately 1500 words), please send a brief description—including target grade levels and subject areas— to Amy Burns or me (TI:ME members from Texas take note!!). Thanks for your continuing support of TI:ME.    

    Wayne Pierce

    TI:ME Publications Committee Chair

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