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noteslogoWith summer quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about how to strengthen your music technology skills.  TI:ME is offering a full round of courses this year with study in six strategic states, or around the nation using distance learning options.  

This year's sites include the following:   

  -Pinellas County School District (FL) (enrollment closed)

  -Boston University (MA)

  -Five Towns College (NY)

  -Villanova University (PA)

  -Duquesne University (PA)

  -Valley Forge Christian College (PA) (local or distance)

  -West Chester University (PA)

  -Baldwin Wallace College (OH)

  -Kuzmich Consulting (Alfred Publishing) (CO) (local or distance)

TI:ME's music technology curriculum was updated last year with significant revisions to five courses as indicated below, with the editorial team which worked on each course.   Thanks to SoundTree/Korg which provided generous support for the updating of these courses.

TI:ME 1A - Notation, Production, Electronic Instruments - Marc Jacoby, Don Muro, and Daniel Zanutto.  

 TI:ME 1B - Multimedia and Instructional Software - Amy Burns, Jay Dorfman, and Hank Wajda

 TI:ME 2A - Notation - Tom Rudolph, Floyd Richmond

 TI:ME 2A - Sequencing - Steve Cunningham, Rick Schmunk, Scott Lipscomb

 TI:ME 2C - Curriculum Integration - Joe Pisano, Jay Dorfman

There are two new updates to the courses which are currently in progress. 

TI:ME 2B - Digital Audio  - Floyd Richmond

TI:ME 2B - Advanced Digital Audio - Bill Purse

Seven of the ten time courses will have been updated by the summer of 2012 and plans are being drawn to update the remainder and create new courses based on student interest.  If you'd like to have more information or offer input, please contact Floyd Richmond.

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