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The Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) is partnering with the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) for the 2012 TI:ME/TMEA National Conference from Wednesday through Saturday, February 13-16, 2012, in San Antonio, Texas at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. This conference will include approximately 90 sessions on music technology in the classroom, iPads, software, hardware, recording, web 2.0, social networking and education, virtual instruments, and much more!

This year’s conference includes a pre-conference on Wednesday with a full day devoted to approximately 30 music technology sessions.  These sessions begin at 11:30 and continue through the day.  Afterward, there will be a concert at 6:00 pm by The University of Alabama at Birmingham Computer Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Scott Phillips.  This concert will be followed by a reception with music technology presenters and TI:ME and TMEA members from around the country.

Because of TI:ME’s presence at TMEA, there will be numerous music technology sessions throughout the conference, but Wednesday will include a focus specifically on music technology.  We hope that TMEA members can come a day early to engage in the music technology sessions, concert, and reception.  There is a separate $50.00 registration for Wednesday’s pre-conference activities. Pre-registration has ended, but you can register on-site using cash, check or credit card.

This year’s conference will include a variety of sessions on music technology with a specific focus on emerging technologies, notation, production software, virtual and electronic instruments, instructional software, and multimedia.  Sessions are targeted toward teachers of instrumental music including band, jazz, and orchestra; vocal and choral ensembles; and elementary general music.  Some sessions focus on theory, appreciation, and technology.  Specific highlights from Wednesday’s pre-conference are described below.

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Emerging Technologies
Tablet Computing:  The increasing popularity of tablet computing is one of the most significant recent trends in education. Tablet devices include the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and similar devices. The phrase, “There’s an app for that” has entered our common vocabulary, and it demonstrates the usefulness of these devices.  Do you need a tuner, a metronome, a music tutor, a presentation program such as PowerPoint, a production program for recording music, a notation program for playing and/or creating musical scores, a means of sharing files with students?  “There’s an app for that.”  Previously, music teachers may have owned multiple devices to assist in their teaching.  Many of these functions have been implemented on tablet devices.

Many districts are purchasing tablet devices for their teachers.  Some are purchasing them for use by their students.  This area is one that is expected to grow significantly in coming years. 

Other Emerging Technologies:  The TI:ME conference will feature other emerging technologies including electronic white board systems, high-end recording hardware and software, live student concerts on the internet, distance technologies, social media, and new techniques for teaching with music technology


Peterson iStroboSoft for the iPad

Year after year, notation software has proven to be one of the most useful music technologies.  With it, teachers can create custom arrangements for their students, create warm-ups and worksheets, project notation while playing scores and more.  Several sessions from the TI:ME/TMEA preconference will be useful for both Finale and Sibelius novices and experts.  Specific demonstrations scheduled during the preconference include advanced techniques for creating worksheets, teaching composition, and other features of the software such as the latest in scanning, and pitch recognition.

Music teachers record their performing ensembles and classes for several useful educational purposes.  This technology enables them to critique their ensemble’s performances and help their students to hear what went well and what did not.  Student auditions may be recorded, and assessment artifacts which document student progress can be created.  This year’s preconference sessions look at popular music production tools including GarageBand and others.

Apple Garage Band for the iPad

Virtual and electronic instruments
Electronic instruments are an essential component of any lab which is used to teach music. Traditional electronic instruments such as keyboards and drums are popular, but virtual instruments are gaining ground. The music teacher may ask, “Should I use a keyboard with built-in sounds, or a controller with virtual instruments?”  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  The pre conference lab sessions help sort through the options.

Increasingly recorded music includes virtual instruments like those that come with notation and production programs such as Finale, Sibelius, Garageband, Logic, and others.  Not all of these instruments, however, offer the same quality or features.  When the proper virtual instruments are selected and correctly configured, the musical output is significantly improved. Again, the pre-conference sessions will sort through the options.

Animoog Virtual Instrument for iPad 

Instructional Software

One of TI:ME’s primary goals is the improvement of music teaching through the use of music technology.  Instructional software often has the most direct impact on students in the music classroom. This year’s instructional software topics include free music software, and applications for special learners, and exceptional learners.  The TI:ME/TMEA collaboration promises to draw the attention of music teachers to the new potential of instructional technology for the music classroom.  

Theory Lessons for the iPad by

Teachers actively use multimedia in a number of ways.  They create PowerPoint presentations for their teaching.  They record audio and video for use in class.  They write blogs and use social media to promote their programs.  This year’s conference will feature multimedia presentations on Word Press (internet-based web software suitable for blogs and web sites), GarageBand (software suitable for the creation of audio and video projects) and more.

Apple iMovie for the iPad

TI:ME will be recognizing a “Teacher of the Year” at the TI:ME/TMEA National conference.  Check the TI:ME web site for upcoming information for nomination forms and procedures.  Applicants from Texas would be welcome!

Jim Frankel presents the Mike Kovins TI:ME Teacher of the Year award to last year’s recipient, Barbara Freedman.

Dr. David Sebald, retired from the University of Texas at San Antonio, will present a keynote address for TI:ME entitled, The Future of Music Education, A Geek’s Perspective.  The multimedia-rich session will be held Thursday at 12:30 pm in room 204 of the convention center.

David Sebald

This year’s national TI:ME conference looks to be one of the organization’s best yet.  TI:ME’s collaboration with TMEA significantly enhances the conference.  We hope to see you all there.

 - Floyd Richmond - TI:ME President Elect 

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