You may have noticed that TI:ME's website went through a major overhaul last year. Part of this includes changes in how we approach creating content for the newsletter, which is setup now to draw the latest news from the website and compile it into a newsletter for the membership, typically once per month. We're looking for help taking charge of the news content, recruiting bloggers and others to submit content, and more as we work together to make the TI:ME website a daily destination hub of information and networking among our pioneering members using technology in the 21st century music classroom.

TI:ME is looking for some dedicated volunteers help to plan and maintain a well-thought-out annual editorial calendar to make over content planning easier, and to insure that we always publish news in a timely manner, especially with regard to annual TI:ME events like our conferences, our summer courses and other annual needs. 

Can you dedicate time each month to help us gather and prepare our website content for publication?

Are you interested in learning more about how dynamic website content is published, willing to learn Joomla content management skills (the software our site is built on), and are you a stickler for deadlines?

The Website/Editorial Committee is seeking an editor for the website content and subsequent monthly TI:ME Newsletter. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the annual editorial calendar themes for each month.
  • Setting deadlines for content contributors and following up with them to make sure they submit on time.
  • Helping establish standards for content providers and article authors to follow to insure swift publication on the website.
  • Soliciting and receiving newsletter content to meet the editorial calendar themes on schedule each month.
  • Working with committee leaders for content from committees.
  • Light editing of the newsletter content prior to submitting it to the Executive Director.
  • Working closely with the Executive Director to train on using our systems.

Skills that are helpful for this position are:

  • Deadline-oriented planning skills
  • Solid grammatical skills
  • Basic knowledge of using WYSIWYG tools for HIML page layout
  • Strong attention  to details
  • Very basic Photoshop or other image manipulation software skills
  • Creative writing ability
  • Joomla or other hands-on CMS experience

If you are interested, please email George Litterst, the committee chair.

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