Will Kuhn is TI:ME's New President-Elect

    The Technology Institute for Music Educators membership has voted, and the results are in. TI:ME's new President-Elect is Will Kuhn. He will serve alongside current President, John Mlynczak, and begin his term as president when John's term ends in 2018 during the fall board of director's meeting.

    "I'm extremely honored to have the privilege of serving the members of TI:ME in the coming years as President-elect and President.  I joined TI:ME when I was just starting my music tech program at Lebanon High School. The community of innovative and passionate teachers provided me with opportunities and ideas that made it possible to get my program off the ground.  I'm excited to work together with our national leadership to bring this experience to an even wider audience of music teachers and students nationwide.  

    The expertise and passion that TI:ME members show in bringing music education and technology together is truly inspiring, and I'm looking forward to leading us to the next chapter in our story."

    Will Kuhn is the Department Chair and Music Technology instructor at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio. In 2006, he designed an innovative Music and Media Tech curriculum focused on amateur music production, which as of this writing involves over 350 students annually. His lab-based courses, student projects and innovative Electronic Music Group are regularly featured at regional music education events. Nationally, he gives clinics and workshops on revitalizing school music programs for the 21st century. His book, Interactive Composition (with VJ Manzo), has become a widely used text on Ableton production and he serves as an educational advisor for Ableton's education initiative. He has served as the President of TI:ME Ohio (TI:ME's largest chapter) since 2014. This group manages the TI:ME regional conference, which is one of the most visible and well attended events TI:ME hosts. Will is eager to contribute to any opportunity that would help advance the cause of bringing electronic music instruction into more schools. For more information visit willkuhn.com.

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