2019 TI:ME Music Technology Composition Contest

    We are pleased to announce our 2019 Music Technology Composition contest. The contest is open to students of any age enrolled in school. Entrants or their teachers must be TI:ME members. 
    The contest is non-competitive. Entries will be awarded gold, silver and bronze certificates Exceptional entries will receive gold awards with distinction. All entries will receive feedback on their work. 
    Students may enter in one of five categories, original DAW composition, original notated composition, derivative work (covers, remixes, arrangements), multimedia or applied technology. Entries will be judged on musical content, creativity, technical proficiency and reflection. The age of the entrant will also be considered by the judges. 
    Contest details and the entry form can be found here (https://goo.gl/forms/pL8gelNq8PBHmDJr2) . The deadline for entries is May 1, 2019 with awards announced by June 1. Submit questions to Dr. George Hess (george@georgehessmusic.com)

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