Instrumental Website Hunt

Instrumental Website Hunt

John Scavone
[email protected]
Interboro School District

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:









out of class Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

use of the internet

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 5: Reading and notating music.
MENC 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.
MENC 7: Evaluating music and music performances.
MENC 9: Understanding Music in Relation to History and Culture




Students will be able to navigate to instrumental website

Students will be able to retrieve information necessary to be used at next lesson


Student will be given these directions to complete at home.

-Students will go to prospect park instrumental website
-Students will click on first link on the left
-Students must print a copy of the fingering or slide position chart for their instrument.(Percussionists will skip)This will brought to the next lesson.
-Percussionists will go to percussion link and print out common rudiments pdf.This will brought to the next lesson.
-Students will click on “flash cards” link and print out flash cards for notes they have learned for their specific instrument.This will brought to the next lesson.
-Students will then click on “instruments in action” link and watch the youtube video of their instrument being played. Questions will be given on that performance at the next lesson.
– Students will click on email link and email me that they are complete.


Every student should be able to complete the tasks showing their knowledge of using the internet and emailing.

Follow Up:

The materials that are printed out can be used in the coming lessons and as the website is updated students can be directed to go back and complete more tasks.

Items to Purchase:


When budget should be submitted:


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