Jazz Comparison

Jazz Comparison

Darlene Needham
[email protected]
Jerry Ross Elementary, Crown Point, Indiana

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Multimedia/Digital Media


High School


General Music




1 or 2 sessions Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of Jazz elements and styles
How to listen to and mute tracks on ProTools
Experience in compare/contrast of musical styles and elements

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.


Prepared ProTools file
Student worksheet


Students will access music samples from ProTools.
Students will listen to, analyze, describe and compare various


Prepare a ProTools session of various jazz samples.
Prepare a worksheet detailing what you want the student to compare and contrast. (My worksheet had two examples of same/different comparisons, one of comparison explanation, one that asked to student to project what he thought the piece would sound like from the title and compare to actual sample, and finally, choose favorite piece and tell, in musical terms, why .
5 minutes – Have students find the Jazz Session in ProTools. Pass out worksheets. Go over directions and comparison procedures. You may want to review how to mute tracks.
Remainder of time – Students complete worksheets.


Assess worksheets.

Follow Up:

Students could find files to compare and import them.

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