Let’s Call and Respond in Super Duper Music Looper – Part One

Let’s Call & Respond in Super Duper Music Looper – Part One

Annie Serravalle
[email protected]
Gaffney Elementary HOT School, New Britain, CT

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Music Production




General Music


Super Duper Music Looper Software


30 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

The students are familiar with sequencing with Master tracks in the Fourth grade. They are also capable of cutting and pasting loops into a sequence using this particular software.

NAfME Standards of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME Standards of 1994: Improvising melodies, harmonies, and accompaniments.
NAfME Standards of 1994: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.

NAfME 2014: Creating 

NAfME Standards of 1994: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.
NAfME Standards of 1994: Evaluating music and music performances.

NAfME 2014: Responding


Dell Computer linked to an Averkey converter for a enlarged television demonstration of lesson.


Students will:

1)identify the basic concepts of computer software through verbal assessment.

2)identify call and response musical concept.

3)create a 12 measure musical sequence using computer software with specific instrumentation.

4)perform musical sequences


1) initiate:students will be verbally assessed by teacher at the beginning of the lesson for a review regarding how the basic functions of super duper music looper software operate.
2) they should be familiar with how to find loops within the drum or percussion instruments.
3) students must create 12 measures of a sequence using only two percussion tracks.
4) teacher will follow up by asking students questions about the day. For instance: Q: Is it sunny out? A: Yes
Q: Are you hungry? A: Yes and so forth…..
5) teacher will explain to students that this is a call and response pattern. Teacher will explain to students that the response is always the same regardless of the question
6) students will apply this concept and create using a drum track pasting different parts of the loop in every other measure
7 the other track created by students will answer with another drum loop pasting it in the opposite measure of the previous loop but it will always be the the same drum pattern or loop.
8) students will play sequences for the class evaluating while listening to hear it the correct criteria was accomplshied.
9) closure; students will assess each others work stating aloud (or group discussions)personal reflections of their work.


The students were extremely interested and magnitized to this lesson. It really makes them think of how to apply the call/repsonse concepts into a musical format.

Follow Up:

Follow lessons will be using the same concept but of a larger magnitude.

Items to Purchase:

Super Duper Music Looper Software – Approximately $25.00

When budget should be submitted:


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