Multimedia Activity for “Spring” from the Four Seasons

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Multimedia Activity for “Spring” from the Four Seasons
Carolyn Confer
[email protected]
Penn Central Middle School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:



Middle School


General Music




70 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Basic PowerPoint skills – creating slides, inserting images
Familiarity with the song “Spring” from the Four Seasons

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 6: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.
MENC 7: Evaluating music and music performances.
MENC 8: Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.
MENC 9: Understanding Music in Relation to History and Culture


Computer Lab
Recording of “Spring” from the Four Seasons (mp3)
Internet Access


SWBAT define the term “program music”.

SWBAT identify the piece “Spring” from The Four Seasons by listening.

SWBAT create a short PowerPoint presentation containing images that they feel depict the music.


Introduction: 5 minutes

1. T reviews with class the term “program music”.

2. T reviews the previous class discussion of the program music “Spring” from The Four Seasons, including reminding the ss of specific elements (i.e. this part of the music depicts a bird call, etc.)

Activity: 65 minutes (1 and a half class periods)

3. T presents project, asking ss to find 10-15 images that they feel depict the music in “Spring”.

4. Ss use Internet to search for images and save the ones they want to use in their project.

5. Ss open PowerPoint, name their project and create title slide. They then create 10-15 slides and insert the images that they found.

6. Ss may reference the mp3 of “Spring” on their computers.

7. Ss play their presentations while running the mp3 of “Spring” in the background.


Did the students recall the definition of “program music” and the previous discussion of “Spring”?

Did the students find images that represented the story of “Spring”?

Did the students create a PowerPoint presentation with a title slide and 10-15 images?

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