Playing with Accompaniments for Beginner Band

Playing with Accompaniments for Beginner Band

Melissa Ricci
[email protected]
Lincoln Central Elementary

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:







-Midi keyboard lab with computers
-Finale Notation Software
-Sonar Sequencing software
-Band in the Box Software


40 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

-The students are nearing the end of their second year as instrumentalists in the sixth grade band.
-They can read music and chord symbols and have very basic piano skills.
-Each student has prepared a simple solo on his/her instrument.
-The teacher chose each solo in the beginning of the year.

NAfME Standards of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME Standards of 1994: Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

NAfME 2014: Performing 

NAfME Standards of 1994: Improvising melodies, harmonies, and accompaniments.
NAfME Standards of 1994: Reading and notating music.

NAfME 2014: Creating 

NAfME Standards of 1994: Evaluating music and music performances.

NAfME 2014: Responding 


-Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method
Published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company
-Each student needs his/her instrument and a copy of the solo he/she has been working on.


1. The students will have the opportunity to play their solo with the appropriate accompaniment played on the Sonar Sequencing program.
2. The students will use the Band in the Box program to create alternate accompaniments for their solo.
3. The students will perform their solo for the class using their newly created Band in the Box accompaniment.
4. The class will evaluate the performances of their classmates.


1. The band class will warm up by playing warm up exercises in their method books. (2min)
2. The teacher will briefly explain what sequencing is and how the Sonar Sequencing Program works. (5min)
3. The teacher will play a few of the student’s solo accompaniments that he/she has already created on Sonar. (3min)
4. Several students will get up and attempt to play their prepared solo with the appropriate accompaniment playing on the teacher’s computer. (5min)
5. The teacher will introduce the Band in the Box program and show the students how to create accompaniments by using the chord symbols located on their solo sheet music. (5min)
6. The students will be given time to create their own accompaniments. (15min)
7. The students will perform their solo for the class with the accompaniment of their choice. The class will evaluate their classmate’s performances. (5min through the next class.)


-The assessement of this lesson is performance based.
-The teacher will look at the quality of the student created Band in the Box accompaniment and the appropriateness of it in relation to the solo being performed.

Follow Up:

-In the next lesson, the students will have more time to create accompaniments using the Band in the Box program.
-The remainder of the class will give performances of their solo using both the teacher created accompaniments on Sonar and the student created Band in the Box accompaniments.

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