Research of Instrument within Families

Research of Instrument within Families.

John Corey
[email protected]
Plymouth Community Intermediate School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Multimedia/Digital Media


Middle School




1. Teacher will need a computer with a Web browser and access to the Internet.
2. Multimedia software.


40 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students need a basic knowledge of the instrument they now play.

NAfME standard of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME standard of 1994: Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.
NAfME standard of 1994: Understanding Music in Relation to History and Culture

NAfME 2014: Connections


Teacher handout with bookmarks listed, computers, multimedia software.


At the end of this project students will produce a written report about an instrument other than the one they play, but in the same family. The report should include the following information:
1. Brief history of the instrument, including a description of how it is made.
2. Basic elements of playing that instrument, including tone production.
3. How is this instrument like mine? How is it different?
4. Some information about a well-known performer of that instrument.
5. Picture(s)


Using the computer lab teacher will have bookmarks (a list will be given to students who wish to work at home) and multimedia software loaded on computers. Guide students through the searching process on the internet as they gather information. NOTE: This is an introductory lesson on a semester long project.


Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of another instrument within the same instrumental family as the one they presently play by writing a 2-3 page report.

Follow Up:

Students may explore what styles of music can be played on this instrument, what pictures come to mind when they hear this instrument and find examples of this instrument playing these styles.

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