Sequencer Created Song

Sequencer created song

Paulette LaParle
[email protected]
Barrington High School

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:



High School


Music Theory




160 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students should have a gereral knowlegde of how the sequencer operates.

NAfME standard of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME standard of 1994: Improvising melodies, harmonies, and accompaniments.
NAfME standard of 1994: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.

NAfME 2014: Creating 


CD Burner and Rewritable CD’s


Students wil create there own 4 track, 16 measure composition using a keyboard and sequencer. They will use the pentatonic scale creating a melody on the first track. On the second track, the students will create a percussion part. Tracks 3 & 4 will have harmony parts. They will record this project onto CD as part of their digital portfolio.


Day 1 – A discussion on what makes a good melody including the elements of repetition and contrast will be presented. A demonstration of different percussion patterns will be discussed. The teacher will create a project while the students observe the process.

Day 2,3 – Students will create their projects.

Day 3,4 – Students will present their project and burn into CD


The teacher will grade the final project from the CD according to the rubric.

Follow Up:

A digital portfolio (CD)which will include all the student’s projects will be graded at the end of the semester and returned to the student.

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