Sound Effects Story

Sound Effects Story

Wayne Splettstoeszer
[email protected]
Torrington High School – Torrington, Connecticut

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Music Production


High School


Music Technology


Computer with ACID Pro (PC) or Garageband (MAC)
Internet Access
MIDI Keyboard


1 Week

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students need to know the following concepts in ACID Pro (PC) or Garageband (MAC)
1. Finding and saving loops on the Internet or local computer.
2. Importing them into the software
3. Basic Editing of loops.
4. Volume and Pan Envelope changes
5. Rendering as an MP3 or other file formats

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 4: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.


Computer with ACID Pro (PC) or Garageband (MAC)
Internet Access
MIDI Keyboard


Students are to create a story using just sound effects no music is needed. Students are to write a short story or use paragraphs from an existing short story. Stories should be approximately two to three paragraphs in length. Once the students have selected or wrote their story they are to analyze it for words or phrases that they wish to enhance using sound effects and make a checklist. Ex: Water lapping against the dock – this would require a water sound effect. After making their checklist they are to find the appropriate sound effects using the Internet or MIDI Keyboard. Once they have acquired all the sound effects they are to arrange them in ACID Pro (PC) or Garageband (MAC) to tell the story. Students can use various techniques such as layering and envelope changes to make their stories come alive.
Final product can be rendered as an MP3 and burned onto CD.


1. Students must compose or find parts of a short story.
2. Create a checklist of words and/or phrases to enhance with sound effects.
The above will take about 1-2 45 minutes class periods.

3. Finding appropriate sound effects.
Can take 1-2 45 minute class periods

4. Arranging sound effects in a looped based software.
Can take 1-2 45 minute class periods.


Does your file ‘Tell’ the story.
Compare file to story.
Did you use the appropriate envelope changes
Did you use the appropriate sound effects.

Follow Up:

Students can take the sound effects story and then add music to it. Music can be added by using pre-recorded loops or original loops made in class.

Items to Purchase:


When budget should be submitted:


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