The Carnival of the Animals

Carnival of the Animals

Christy Brown
[email protected]
Devon Elementary School (Tredyffrin/Easttown SD)

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:





General Music


Mac/Windows, powerpoint, quicktime pro



Prior Knowledge and Skills:

First Grade lesson


Very basic skills on barred instruments

Some experience w/ instrument identification

NAfME Standards of 1994 Addressed:

NAfME Standards of 1994: Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

NAfME 2014: Performing 

NAfME Standards of 1994: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.

NAfME 2014: Creating 

NAfME Standards of 1994: Listening to, analyzing and describing music.

NAfME 2014: Responding 


Right click to download a zip archive of the presentation

Best with use of Smartboard


1. Students will be able to identify the themes and melodic instruments used in each movement of Carnival of the Animals.

2. Students will be able to perform simple barred instrument activities with the recording.

3. Students will describe feelings and emotions associated with music.

4. Student will be able to identify a large tempo.


Teacher will take students through the powerpoint, and students will be able to respond individually and as a group. Read each slide to class and allow plenty of time for student response. Click on pictures to hear music. Barred instrument activities and final GarageBand activity are optional. This is a very simple lesson that could be used by a music sub for reinforcement.



Follow Up:

Class can create their own music to an animal of their choosing using GarageBand or with classroom barred and percussion instruments. Teacher can provide a piano part as well.

Items to Purchase:


When budget should be submitted:


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