TI:ME 2B: Multimedia Authoring

Multimedia Authoring (TI:ME 2B) covers the creation of multimedia for the music classroom. Teachers who complete this course will create and use multimedia presentations and interactive lessons that are appropriate for the K-12 music classroom. Teachers will incorporate digital multimedia files including text, graphics, video, sound, and music into presentations and will incorporate interactivity into music lessons. Software to be used in the class will include a presentation program and either a stack-based or time-line authoring program. The format of the course will alternate presentations with class activities in which student progress is assessed and in which the material presented is reinforced. Evaluation will be through written homework assignments, completion of class assignments, and the submission of a final project demonstrating techniques learned in class. Completion of one TI:ME 2B course meets one third of the requirements for Level Two TI:ME Certification.
PREREQUISITE: TI:ME Level One certification or equivalent experience.

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