TI:ME Membership Application

TI:ME’S Four Primary Initiatives:

  • TI:ME Courses: Through TI:ME, teachers have enrolled in our unique for-credit courses (both masters and inservice), where educators from across the country converge to learn from the industry’s leading professionals. The courses are designed to help teachers keep up with the fast-paced field of music technology. Teachers learn strategies and methods to help make music technology an integral part of their personal life and school curriculum. Taught by the country’s most in-demand technology instructors in a hands-on environment, these courses are an intense, yet supportive way to learn about music technology. Enrolled teachers conservatively stated that as a result of a TI:ME course, their teaching effectiveness increased by at least 50%. Go to the TI:ME website and click on Workshops to find course information and locations. TI:ME certification is available for those interested.
  • National Conference: The TI:ME Conference is a unique opportunity for music educators to come together in a rich environment of technological innovation. Expert clinicians provide a wealth of information for novice, intermediate, and advanced users of technology. This meeting, which is held in different locations around the country, is the premier event for music educators in using technology in their teaching. Regional and state chapter conferences expand these educational opportunities.
  • TI:ME Website: This is your portal to lesson plans, teaching resources and online forums populated by other teachers, and industry professionals who devote their time to helping others. The TI:ME website is a repository of up-to-date materials, organized by level and national standards; you simply can’t find this material anywhere else.
  • TI:ME Newsletters: Each month, TI:ME sends a one page, informative email newsletter. Several times a year, a printed newsletter is sent to all current members. These newsletters contain vital information about upcoming TI:ME events, relevant issues for TI:ME members, and informative links to music education technology-based websites.

Membership Features:

  • Members only access to the TI:ME website, including:
    • Hundreds of lesson plans
    • Informative articles and tutorials
    • Active online discussion groups
    • Grant writing advice
    • Help in integrating technology with your teaching
    • Registration discounts to the TI:ME National Conference
    • Discounts on publications
    • TI:ME Newsletter and its articles from cutting-edge Educators
    • TI:ME e-blasts for “up to the minute” information

Membership Types:

Please review the following section for aetails about the different types of TI:ME Memberships…

Individual Membership ($40) – includes all membership benefits

Institutional ($495) includes:

  • A rotating badge on the TI:ME website with a link back your institution.
  • A listing on the TI:ME Institutional Member Page.
  • One dedicated webpage on the TI:ME website to promote your programs; this page may be updated two times each year.
  • Access to the Career Headquarters to list job openings.
  • One promotional email per year sent by TI:ME to TI:ME members in our monthly email blasts.
  • Up to two additional promotional emails a year sent to TI:ME members for a discounted fee in our monthly email blasts.
  • Discounted advertising rates for our newsletter ads, published twice a year.
  • Additional special offers available only to Institutional Members

Commercial Membership ($495) includes:

  • Rotating company logo on website with link back to company for one year.
  • Corporate member page that lists all members with their badges and links.
  • Rotating banner ads.
  • Opportunity to list job openings on the career headquarters page.
  • 5 Individual Memberships for employees and associates of your company.
  • One marketing email a year sent by TI:ME to TI:ME Members.

Group Membership*

    – for example, an entire school district.
  • $40 each for 1 to 5 memberships
  • $30 each for 6 to 25 memberships
  • $25 each for 26 to 50 memberships
  • $20 each for 51 or more memberships
  • Student membership ($20)
    – undergraduate or K-12 student, includes all basic membership benefits
  • Library membership ($30)
      – includes all basic membership benefitsQuestions? Contact us at

[email protected]

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