TI:ME State and International Chapters

Did you know that when you become a member of TI:ME you also become a member of the state chapter? TI:ME is quickly adding state chapters in many states.

Are you interested in starting a TI:ME Chapter in your state? If so,

  1. Download and listen to Jim Frankel’s PodCast on State Chapters.
  2. Contact the Chapters Committee chairman.

TI:ME State Chapters

President: Scott Phillips, University of Alabama at Birmingham – [email protected]
Vice President: Karen Hickok, Northside Intermediate School, Opelika, AL – [email protected]
Advisory Board:
Carrie Cruz, North Highland and Concord Elementary Schools, Hueytown, AL –
Kimberly Walls, Auburn University – [email protected]
Henry Panion, University of Alabama at Birmingham – [email protected]
Website/Advisory Board: Karen Garrett, Central Park School, Birmingham, AL – [email protected]

President: James Knight [email protected]
VP & Secretary: Dennis Mauricio [email protected]
Treasurer: Donn Jones [email protected]

Co-president: Wayne Splettstoeszer [email protected]
Co-president: Barbara Freedman [email protected]
Walter Mamlok [email protected]
Gail Lumpkin [email protected]

President – Radio Cremata [email protected]
Vice President – Chris Burns [email protected]
Treasurer/Secretary – Richard Repp [email protected]
Advisory Committee – Phil Halladay [email protected]; Andrea Roney [email protected]; Andy Zweibel [email protected]

President: Mrs. Jean Fadiga – [email protected]
Vice President: Mr. Barry Dagold – [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Tiffany Papanikolas – [email protected]

President: Sean Hagon [email protected]
VP: Stefani Langol [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Kevin Coyne [email protected]

Co-Presidents: Nicholas Hardy ([email protected]) and Theresa White ([email protected])
Vice-President/Secretary: Jeff Stinson
Advisory Board Members: Ian Boynton, John Churchville, Jenny Lynn Girvan, Timothy Thomas, Mike Vasas, Marj Haber

New Jersey:
VP: Joe Cantaffa, Howell HIgh School [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Janine Maletsky [email protected]
Advisory Board: Rick Dammers, Rowan University [email protected]
VJ Manzo – [email protected]
Jim Frankel – [email protected]
Amy Burns – [email protected]

New York:
President: Jon Trask – [email protected]
Vice President: Diane Rugen – [email protected]

North Carolina:
Co-President: Matthew Etherington, Woods Charter School – [email protected]
Co-President: Barbara (Packales) Vinal, Fred A. Olds Elementary – [email protected]
Vice President: Joanna Sisk-Purvis, Carolina Friends School [email protected]
Board members:
Bruce Frazier, Western Carolina University – [email protected]
Jennifer Snodgrass, Appalachian State University – [email protected]

President: Brian Laakso – [email protected]
Vice President: Will Kuhn – [email protected]
Treasurer: Dorothy Bryant – [email protected]
Board Members:
Cindy Edwards – [email protected]
Grant Anderson – [email protected]
Justin Riley – [email protected]
Advisory Member, Ex-officio: Tom Jordan – [email protected]

President: Melissa Ott [email protected]
VP: Matthew Hill [email protected]

President: Dave Sebald – [email protected]

TI:ME International Chapters

Ontario, Canada:
President: David Gueulette, Ashbury College – [email protected]
VP: Jean McKen – [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Lee Mathie – [email protected]

President: Khew Sin Sun

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