Transferring MIDI Files

Transfering MIDI files

Aaron Strausser
[email protected]
Gananda Central School District

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Notation Software
Music Production
Instructional Software


High School


Music Technology


Finale, Band in a Box, Finale MAC or PC


40 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

1. Basic knowledge of opening and saving files Understanding of Chord sequences (I,IV,V7)

2. Knowledge of C Major Scale

3. Basic Knowledge of Finale

MENC Standards Addressed:

MENC 4: Composing and Arranging Music within specified guidelines.
MENC 5: Reading and notating music.


1. Projector hooked up to teacher workstation

2. Finale

3. Band in a Box

4. Computer Lab


At the conclusion of this lesson each student will be able to:

1. Enter a basic 8 bar chord sequence in Band in a Box.

2. Save a Band in a Box accompaniment as a MIDI file.

3. Open a MIDI file in Finale

4. Compose a short 8-measure melody to go with the Band in a Box accompaniment.


Demonstrate each step and then have the students do the same step immediately following the demonstration of that step.

1. Demonstrate, with the use of teacher station and projector, how to create a folder for their project in their student file on the server. Name the file “Student Name – Project 1. (3 min.)

2. Demonstrate how to open Band in a Box and enter a basic chord accompaniment (example I,I,IV,V7,I,IV,V7,I) and change the style using the style button. (10 min.)

3. Demonstrate how to save the file as a MIDI file in pre-created folder (File>Save Standard MIDI File). Save as “Student Name” Project 1 MIDI. (2 min.)

4. Demonstrate how to open the project in Finale (Open>”Student Name” – Project 1> Project 1 MIDI). (2 min.)

5. Save new file as “Student Name” Project 1 Finale (1 min.)

6. Create a New staff using the Staff Set-up Wizard (The students can select their own instrument) (3 min.)

7. Create a melody using the C Major scale. (This can be differentiated based on ability levels. Note vales can be limited to longer notes for less skilled students). (18 min.)

8. Save completed project. (1 min.)


Rubric: (Each is worth 1 Point)

1. Completed 8-Bar chord sequence in Band in a Box

2. Student saved Band in a Box accompaniment as a MIDI file

3. Student opened the file in Finale and saved the file as a Finale file

4. Student composed a melody to go along with the accompaniment.

Follow Up:

1. Compose a longer composition;

2. Compose a melody and a counter melody in Finale after creating a Band in a Box accompaniment

Items to Purchase:

Band in a Box, Finale, Computer

When budget should be submitted:

At your schools budget time

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