From TI:ME President Will Kuhn 

Will Kuhn, the President of TI:ME, along with other executive members, was present at the TMEA 2022 convention that took place in San Antonio, Texas between February 9th-12th. In case unfamiliar with what TMEA does, TMEA hosted over 280 clinics, 100 performances, and over 400 exhibits. In result, this makes this a great place for music students, music teachers, musicians, and vendors to network with each other.  Below is a word from TI:ME President Will Kuhn:   “When I first got involved in TI:ME, it was inspiring to meet truly progressive music teachers who served their peers by sharing their deep knowledge of music technology. Since then, many members have gone a step further and used that technology to reinvent their classes entirely. Due to the work of TI:ME’s members, music education is very different than it was 25 years ago. Around the world, TI:ME members have built and sustained new music education programs that focus on musical creativity, rewriting curriculums to include cutting edge tools and resources. Regardless of genre preference or traditions, celebrating creative students and the creative use of technology in music courses is something that we all have in common.When I started teaching music technology as a full-time job, it was a little scary and I felt alone. Maybe you are your elementary school’s lone “tech person” or the first music tech teacher in your region. Maybe you are piloting a new kind of composition class or trying to improve the pedagogy of your orchestra by incorporating electronic tools and resources. TI:ME says to you: you are not alone. Hundreds of us in music education are rewriting the rule book, we are building the curriculum of tomorrow and training the next generation of music educators. TI:ME members want to network with you, and we want to hear and promote your new ideas. I am personally excited to see the positive energy you bring to the movement of creative high-tech music education. At events across the US, TI:ME represents every music teacher who is trying to break new ground for their students. All of us involved in TI:ME appreciate your time and attention. We hope you come away from our sessions energized and ready to take your music program into the future. As we move beyond our 25th anniversary, we thank you for your support of our organization and encourage you as you break new ground in your own music teaching.”  

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