TI:ME 2020 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Announced

    We are happy to announce Anne Gleim Fennell of California as the TI:ME 2020 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year.

    Anne is a dedicated teacher and music education advocate, providing workshops and professional development in the field of music education. Anne has taught for 32 years as a teacher of K-12 students in music composition, steel drum ensemble, and Orff Schulwerk, and the past 11 years teaching composition using technology, teaching teachers how to integrate technology, and advocating administrators to validate technology use in the music classroom.

    Anne has presented numerous workshops and presentations on the local, national, and international levels. Anne is the NAfME IN-ovations Council National Chair since 2016 and the current Vice President of the California Music Educators Association. Anne had been teaching music technology since 2008 at Mission Vista High School in California and is now the K-12 Music Program Manager for the San Diego Unified School District in San Diego, CA. In this position, she continues to advocate for technology use in music education as it serves students learning music concepts and expressing creativity.

    Mike Kovins, whom the award is honored and named for, was an integral part of founding and creating TI:ME as a place where music educators could find resources for integrating technology into their classrooms, as well as networking with other music educators who love to utilize technology. Mike’s lifetime commitment to music and music education is epitomized by Anne’s past and present work which is why we honor her with the TI:ME 2020 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year.

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