FAQ for Institutions Offering Certification

Q. What must an institution do to offer TI:ME certification courses?
A. To offer TI:ME Certification courses, an institution must meet the following criteria:

  1. The host institution must be an institutional member of TI:ME. The annual cost for institutional membership is $250.00.
  2. The instructor needs to be a member of TI:ME and be approved by the advisory board.
  3. The teaching facility/lab needs to meet TI:ME standards for hardware and software.

The following are the required Level One courses:

Course 1A – Basic Skills in Music Technology: Electronic Keyboards, MIDI Sequencing and Notation

Course 1B – Basic Skills in Music Technology: Instructional Software, Communications, and Digital media.

Q. How can I get a copy of the TI:ME Level One Course materials?
A. Course materials are supplied to the instructor. The course descriptions can be viewed under Professional Development.

Course materials can be viewed and/or downloaded from this location.
TI:ME course outlines are guides to insure the courses content is covered.
Outlines are provided by TI:ME.

Q. In what format should the course be offered: 1 week, 2 weeks, one semester, 2 credit, 3 credit, etc.?
A. It is recommended that a three credit course be offered in 45 contact hours. The minimum number of contact hours for each TI:ME course is 30 hours. The format for each TI:ME course is decided by the institution and the instructor.

Q. Who runs or produces the courses?
A. The individual institution offering the course is in total control of all aspects of course production including registration, financial, advertising and record keeping. TI:ME does not run or produce any courses. TI:ME certifies interested students who successfully complete the certification courses.

Q. Who pays the instructors?
A. Instructors are paid by the institution offering the course.

Q. How are TI:ME courses advertised?
A. It is recommended that each institution advertise TI:ME courses along with all of the other courses offered at that institution. In addition, TI:ME places some national advertising listing all of the TI:ME approved sites and courses. 

Q. How does the certification process work?
A. Certification occurs between the student and TI:ME. All TI:ME Certification instructors are sent the application materials which they distribute during the course. Interested students may then mail the appropriate forms to TI:ME.

Q. Is the Institution obligated to facilitate certification?
A. No, the Institution is not obligated to facilitate certification. Encouragement, however, is appreciated.

Q. Who certifies students who have successfully completed the courses?
A. TI:ME certifies the students who qualify. Certification is done via an application form that is signed by the instructor. The students need only to return these forms with the certification application form to complete the process.

Q. What does certification cost?
A. There is no cost to the institution for certification (beyond the annual institutional membership fee). Students who apply for certification pay a one time certification fee of $35.00.

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