Human Sonata

Conceptual Objective:

Form is created by elements of repetition and contrast.



Behavioral Objectives:

  1. Students will identify basic elements of repetition and contrast in a Haydn piano sonata.
  2. Students will create unique timbres using their bodies as instruments.
  3. Students will create a piece using these timbres that emulates the form used by Haydn.


Materials Used:

Computers, GarageBand, Haydn Sonata music, Haydn Sonata mp3, recording device, bodies



  1. Students will analyze both the printed and recorded music of Haydn’s Sonata for elements of repetition and contrast.
  2. Students will create a visual map of the piece based on the repetition and contrast.
  3. After determining the formal sections, students will place different sections in a GarageBand arrangement track that is identical to the Mozart piece
  4. Students will compose a piece using their body that emulates the Mozart piece.


 Humana Sonata


Project Requirements:


  1. Students should use try their best to apply the form from the Haydn Sonata to their composition.

Things to think about:

  1. Do you see/hear direct repetition?
  2. Do you see/hear parts that are similar, but slightly different?
  3. Try to reflect these similarities and differences in your piece.
  4. Students should create a visual map of the Haydn Sonata.
  5. Students should use the “Arrangement track” to guide their composition in Garage Band.
    1. Arrangement Sections may be labeled using anything that makes sense to the students (numbers, letters, etc.)
    2. Students should have at least two audio tracks in their composition.
    3. Students may use any part of their body to create sound.
      1. Be Creative!


Project Rubric:


Total Points Available: 60



Points Available

The degree to which the form map of the Sonata clearly and accurately displays elements of repetition and contrast.


The degree to which the arrangement track in GarageBand accurately portrays the form mapped by the students.


The students followed the elements of repetition and contrast displayed in the arrangement track and their form map.


The student composition contains at least two distinct audio tracks.


The students were novel in their approach to creating different timbres with their bodies.




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