Music Technology Projects in Education

This page will serve as a listing for interesting applications of technology to music education. If you find interesting projects on the web or would like to contribute an article describing an application of technology in a school music program, contact the webmaster at [email protected].

  • Connect With Music – Connect With Music is a new website created with the generous support of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) by three music technology experts from the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) and three exemplary classroom teachers. On this website you will 30 free interdisciplinary lesson plans that utilize multimedia, music, and technology to aid in the instruction of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science at the middle school level.
  • MusicTech4U – Projects, resources, iPod ideas, blog and website by Australian TI:ME Member Megan Iemma
  • Music Tech For Me – Music Technology for Music Education by Music Educators, blog and podcast by Keith Mason
  • – Lots of links, lesson plans, articles, etc.
  • by Karen Garrett – This site is a nice model for music educators who wish to create Web sites to enhance their music programs. TI:ME member Karen Garrett teaches at Central Park School in Birmingham, AL. Her site contains lesson plans, quizzes and games, and examples of student work.
  • by Ricci Adams – This site is a remarkably generous and useful donation of time and energy to the cause of music education. Excellent interactive theory tutorials!
  • Dr. Estrella’s Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers – This online dictionary contains accurate biographical information for more than 500 composers of Western Art Music, music history essays and timelines, and links to other resources on the web.
  • Utilizing MIDI Accompaniments in Music Classes and Continued Home Study This web site was developed by Dr. Fred Kersten and contains accompaniment files in MIDI format.
  • The Cutting Edge of Music Technology This web site was developed by Michael Droste to assist his suburban Chicago students in identifying the processes and tools required to produce music with technology.
  • Home Practice Online This web site was developed by Dr. Scott Watson for use with his elementary band program in Allentown, PA. The continually updated site has been used since 1998 and has proven beneficial to his students.
  • Dr. Estrella’s web site on Interactive Web Programming. These pages offer extensive instruction on creating highly interactive multimedia presentations for the web.
  • Composers In Electronic Residence (CIER) links students with composers and with other students and teachers using MIDI technology to compose music in their classrooms. It is a virtual composition collective dedicated to advancing music education through the active creation and revision of music in our classrooms.
  • The Internet Public Library – Detroit Jazz
  • The Vermont MIDI Distance Learning Project
    Using a World Wide Web site, compositions are posted for the purpose of critique and reflection. Students, teachers, and composers mentor and collaborate online to learn to compose and arrange music.
  • Teoria – Music Theory on the Web
    This site is a wonderful resource for those interested in music theory. Several Java Applets for music theory drill are posted there.
  • Java-based site for the study of MIDI
  • EAMIR – an open-source project for developing and implementing interactive music systems for educational, composition, and performance by Dr. V.J. Manzo

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