Technology Guide for Music Educators

techguideThis exciting book, written by educators for educators, details the best software and hardware tools for use in 6 key areas of music technology: Electronic Musical Instruments, Music Production, Music Notation Software, Technology-Assisted Learning, Multimedia, and Productivity Tools/Classroom & Lab Management. It is full of helpful charts summarizing hundreds of software titles and hardware instruments and equipment, with in-dept descriptions of those employed most by music teachers. Each chapter is full of practical, field-tested suggestions for employing technology in music education.

Every music educator that uses technology, or plans to, should have this important resource on his or her bookshelf!

The contributing authors are nationally recognized experts in the field of music technology:

  • Scott Lipscomb
  • Sandi MacLeod
  • Keith Mason
  • Dennis Mauricio
  • Mike Moniz
  • Don Muro
  • Rocky Reuter
  • Floyd Richmond
  • Thomas Rudolph
  • Kim Walls
  • Scott Watson
  • Lee Whitmore

The editor was Scott Watson.

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Why This Guide? Why Now?

The idea for this book, Technology Guide for Music Educators, has been germinating for years and is the response to requests for such a resource from many quarters. For some time, music educators have been asking if there was a resource to which they could turn for listings of software and other technology products to best accomplish their curricular goals.

Our authors regularly deliver professional development training and present workshops at state and national conferences for music educators. They also encounter pre-service and in-service teachers interested in technology in the university courses they lead during the academic year and over the summer. Often participants in one of these settings, ready to move forward with whatever technology they’ve just encountered, will ask for a recommendation: “What’s a good software sequencer I can use with my Windows computer?”, “Can you suggest a good entry-level synth keyboard for the technology lab I’m proposing to my district?”, or “What’s a good software title for teaching composition to my 3rd through 5th grade general music students?” The implementation of technology in the schools is on the rise, and a guide such as this to answer all these questions and more is an idea whose time has come!

Order your copy of Technology Guide for Music Educators.

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