Testimonials: Why is TI:ME important to me?

Here at TI:ME we are always happy to hear from our members. If you are a member of TI:ME, please login to share your experiences and help get the word out about the benefits of TI:ME. Did you attend a particularly enlightening course, workshop, or conference? Please let us and your fellow members know about it! Your responses may be posted on our website or used in TI:ME publications. 

Here are a few testimonials from some of our members.

My membership in TI:ME has changed my life. I was originally trying to integrate technology in my music classroom with little knowledge other than information that I had researched. When I discovered TI:ME, I FINALLY had access to resources that I could immediately use. I was able to network with other professionals and get advice. My TI:ME membership has enabled me to learn more – and teach my students using music technology. If you haven’t signed up for TI:ME – it’s about time!

Columbus, OH

I joined TI:ME in 1998 after taking my first 1A course at Villanova.  Back then, partly because it was just getting started, there wasn’t much in the way of resources, etc.  As the years have gone on it has increasingly become a good resource for lesson plan ideas, technical help, and networking with other music teachers who teach the same thing I do which is wonderful when you want/need to brainstorm.  On several occasions members of TI:ME have helped me solve software installation/usage issues that the manufacturer’s help desk couldn’t begin to get a handle on.  I’ve enjoyed reading the recent postings because we’re finally getting some dialogue going about music tech, financial problems (many of us work in poor districts or in districts that don’t value music!), equipment issues, and creative lessons.

Silver Spring, MD

As a music department chair at a university, I wanted to add a music technology component to the music education methods classes; these classes train future music teachers.   Through an online search, I discovered the summer workshops offered by TI:ME.  I now have TI:ME Level One certification; the certification has been helpful in many ways. I am now preparing to teach my first online college course in music. Through the online discussion TI:ME offers, I have sought and received helpful information from my colleagues who are TI:ME members, which will enable me to prepare well for this new challenge in my life.

Lakewood, NJ

I joined TI:ME back in 1997 when it became clear that music education technology presented unique challenges and opportunities to benefit music teaching. I remain a member because it keeps me in touch with teachers all over the world who share my interests. I learn a great deal from the conferences, message board discussions, e-mail exchanges, and members-only content at ti-me.org. This past week alone, I gained great insight into how other teachers use keyboards in their teaching and how effective distance learning can be. I learned this all from TI:ME’s online discussion group. I am happy to be a continuing member of TI:ME.

Philadelphia, PA

I joined TI:ME partly to gain the credentials for completing Levels One and Two–something that would help further legitimize my efforts in using Music Technology to Administrators at my public school teaching job–and partly to help fill some gaps in my own understanding of technology. TI:ME has helped me improve my skills and given me new ideas and directions for my MS and HS programs. As I constantly seek to improve both my own skills and the ways I use technology to teach music, continuing membership in TI:ME is valuable to me for several reasons:

  1. most of the TI:ME courses I have taken have been extremely valuable, particularly from the standpoints of content, instructor’s expertise, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other teachers;
  2. I now rely on being able to find and take at least one TI:ME course each summer, either to learn new skills or to improve existing skills;
  3. technology continues to change rapidly, and TI:ME helps me stay current;
  4. there are valuable resources on the TI:ME website (links, articles, lesson plans);
  5. TI:ME instructors have been available even weeks after their courses ended to answer questions or give advice… a fantastic resource.

Rye Brook, NY

I first heard about TI:ME from Tom Rudolph in the summer of ’95, I believe, when he told the International Computer Conference at IUPUI about this new project called TI:ME.  I thought it was the best idea I had ever heard!  I was just beginning to think about attempting the Masters of Music Technology at IUPUI.  I wanted to teach music teachers how to use music technology in their teaching.  This sounded exactly like what I wanted to do with my life after I retired from teaching in the public schools.  I talked to Tom and he was so encouraging . I went to Villanova to watch Tom teach TI:ME Workshop 1A and to Temple to watch Steve Estrella teach 1B and then back to Villanova to watch Tom teach 2C.  After I watched these great instructors teach each workshop, I came home to IU School of Music at IUPUI to teach the workshops myself.  I have enjoyed teaching these workshops since 1998.  I have met so many wonderful teachers from Indiana and surrounding states.  I have also been very privileged to present sessions at almost every TI:ME Conference.  TI:ME is a great organization where so many of the experts in Music Technology do everything the can to help music teachers learn to use these tools.  We are so fortunate that wonderful people have taken such a great interest in this field and in spreading the word about all of these tools for teaching music. The TI:ME organization has made a great difference in my life.  I am now helping to spread the word about music technology.  I feel that I am involved in a great effort and that I can make a difference in the teaching of music.

Indianapolis, IN

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