TI:ME 1B: Basic Skills in Music Technology: Instructional Software, Communications, and Digital Media

The course will cover basic skills in using computer instructional software, configuring and using computers on networks and the Internet, and the basics of using digital media in K-12 education. Participants will explore many ways to incorporate these tools into the curriculum. The course will be taught in a hands-on environment. This course fulfills half of the TI:ME Level One Certification requirement. Maximum of 1 person per computer station, 16 students maximum.

PREREQUISITE: This course requires basic facility on a computer, including using a mouse, opening applications, naming and saving files, clicking and dragging, copying files, and basic windows operations (closing, resizing, expanding, minimizing). If you are a beginning computer user, you are required to attend the orientation session on [date] to gain the basic computer skills you will need to successfully complete this course. It is strongly recommended that beginners take TI:ME 1A: Basic Skills with Electronic Keyboards, MIDI Sequencing, and Notation prior to registering for this course.

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