TI:ME Certification Confirmation

Your TI:ME Certification Registration for Completed Coursework has been Successfully Received and Processed.

Thank you for your TI:ME Course Certification Registration submission and payment of the certification fee.

You are now officially registered with TI:ME as having been granted Certification of Course Studies and your submission information has been entered into TI:ME’s database registry for those who have completed TI:ME Courses and now qualifty for Certification. Registration and submitting records of course completion play an important role in supporting TI:ME’s ability to keep its standards up to date, as well as supporting the training materials for TI:ME office course instructors who work for our Institutional and even select Commerical members.

TI:ME is a 501-c3 non-profit Music Technology Educational Membership-based organization, and relies on the support of its members and course certification registrants to help fund its operation and outreach programs and content to attract new music education teachers who wish to add 21st century training to their school music programs.

Please Note: TI:ME will soon offer a searchable Registry of Official Certification records, allowing your submitted name, courses completed and date of certification here on the TI:ME website. TI:ME will publish only your first and last name, course levels completed, location of training and data of completion. No other information will be published. Please check your email for confirmation receipt along with a copy fo the data submitted to our Certification Registry, and addtional information on requesting a personalized PDF certificate suitable for color printing and framing.

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