TI:ME Instructor Agreement

TI:ME has developed an instructor agreement in order to ensure that TI:ME courses are consistently administered and that TI:ME’s resources, which are freely given to instructors, are protected.

Please print the agreement, sign your name, and mail the signed agreement back to TI:ME at:

7503 Kingwood Ct
Fairview, TN 37062

TIME instructors are also encouraged to promote membership in TI:ME and seek permissions from students to place exemplary projects on the web and in TI:ME publications.

TIME instructors will:

  1. Follow courses as written in terms of outcomes.
  2. Not publish materials from the TI:ME courses.
    (Courses remain the property of TI:ME)
  3. Use TI:ME coursebooks for TI:ME courses only.
  4. Complete a course evaluation form and submit it to TI:ME after teaching each course.
  5. Have students complete evaluation forms and submit them to TI:ME after each course.
  6. Maintain an overall score of 275 or higher on evaluations.
    Instructors with scores below 275 must complete an apprenticeship and reapply for TI:ME instructor status before teaching TI:ME courses again.
  7. Maintain an individual membership in TI:ME (This can be one of the memberships from the institutional membership).
  8. Inform the university where you teach of the requirement to maintain an institutional membership.
  9. Teach level 1 courses before attempting to teach a level 2 course, when possible.
  10. Permit TI:ME to list you as a TI:ME approved instructor on the web and in its advertising.
  11. TIME instructors are encouraged to seek permissions from students to place exemplary projects on the web and in TI:ME publications.

TI:ME officers will monitor the terms of this agreement and work with instructors to resolve any issues which might arise. The TI:ME Board is the final arbiter.

As a TI:ME instructor I agree to adhere to the above regulations.

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