TI:ME 2A: Advanced Sequencing

Description: This hands-on course is designed to make participants more proficient in the art of sequencing. The material will include explanations and demonstrations of specific recording, editing and arranging techniques for creating dynamic, musical sequences in any musical style. These techniques can also be used to improve the sound of Standard MIDI Files. Topics to be covered include: 1) techniques for making individual tracks sound more musical, 2) creating a balanced stereo image; 3) creating/editing drum parts, 4) using effects devices; 5) using quantization; 6) creating tempo maps, and 5) adding vocals/acoustic instruments to sequences. Software used in the course [insert software title]. Participants should bring music (piano music, choral accompaniments, orchestra and band scores, etc.) to use for sequencing projects. Keyboard skills are helpful but not necessary. Evaluation will be through completion of class assignments and the submission of a final project demonstrating techniques learned in class.
PREREQUISITE: TI:ME Level One Certification, or completed a minimum of 2 courses in music technology, or comparable experience using MIDI sequencing software with a Macintosh or Windows PC. This course is designed for the experienced computer user.

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