TI:ME 2B: Advanced Digital Audio

Advanced Digital Audio (TI:ME 2B) covers advanced techniques for recording, editing and storing sound. Professional recording equipment will be used. All audio projects will be burned to CD or other high quality medium but sounds will also be converted to compressed formats such as MP3 for use on the internet. Inservice teachers who complete this course will create several recordings with mixing occurring in analog and digital realms. The materials developed will be appropriate for music instruction in the K-12 classroom. The format of the course will alternate presentations with class activities in which student progress is assessed and in which the material presented is reinforced. Evaluation will be through written homework, completion of class projects, and the submission of a final project demonstrating techniques learned in class. This course meets one third of the coursework requirements for Level Two TI:ME Certification.
PREREQUISITE: TI:ME Level One certification or equivalent experience. Experience with creating and mixing digital audio. This is an ADVANCED course. Be courteous to others and keep this in mind before you register.

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