TI:ME Certification and Procedures

Level 1 Certification Procedures

  1. Complete TI:ME 1A and TI:ME 1B courses at any authorized TI:ME site.
  2. Submit the TI:ME Registration & Certification Form

Level 2 Certification Procedures

Since the Summer of 2002, there have been two paths to TI:ME Level 2 Certification.

  1. Complete TI:ME Level 1 certification then a TI:ME 2A course, a TI:ME 2B course, and TI:ME 2C.
  2. Complete five Level 2 courses including at least one TI:ME 2A course, one TI:ME 2B course, and the TI:ME 2C course at any authorized TI:ME site.

After either path is complete, submit the TI:ME Registration & Certification Form

When you have completed the requirements for certification, TI:ME will mail to you a certificate suitable for framing.


Any music educator wishing to obtain TI:ME Level One certification must take two required courses and submit an application to TI:ME along with the appropriate fees. TI:ME membership is also required.

LEVEL 1 focuses on teacher awareness and the use of technology in music education. At the completion of LEVEL 1 teachers should be familiar with the six areas of competency (TI:ME Technology Competency Areas) in music technology:

  1. Electronic Instruments
    1. Keyboards
    2. Controllers
    3. Synthesizers and Samplers
    4. Ensemble Performance
  2. Music Production Software
    1. Data Types
      1. MIDI
      2. Digital Audio
    2. Processes
      1. Looping
      2. Sequencing
      3. Signal Processing
      4. Sound Design
  3. Music Notation Software
  4. Technology Assisted Learning
    1. Instructional Software
    2. Accompaniment/Practice Tools
    3. Internet-based Learning
  5. Multimedia
    1. Multimedia Authoring
      1. Web Pages
      2. Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote)
      3. Movie/DVD
    2. Digital Image Capturing (Scanning, Still/Video Camera)
    3. Internet
    4. Electronic Portfolios (e.g Note Taker)
  6. Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Management
    1. Productivity Tools (text editor, spreadsheet, database, etc.)
    2. Computer Systems (CPU, I/O Devices, Storage Devices/Media, etc.)
    3. Lab Management Systems (Korg, Roland, Lentines, etc.)
    4. Networks (Network Manager Software, Server, etc.)

At the completion of LEVEL 1 teachers begin to use technology to prepare lesson plans and materials. They should be prepared to begin integrating technology into their classes and performing groups. Required Level One certification courses are: Course 1A: Basic Skills in Music Technology: Electronic Instruments, MIDI Sequencing, and Notation and Course 1B: Basic Skills in Music Technology: Instructional Software, Communications, and Digital Media.

If you already have substantial experience with technology and wish to apply for Level 1 certification without first taking level 1 courses, please look into our alternative certification procedure.

LEVEL 2 certification is intended for those who are TI:ME LEVEL 1 certified. TI:ME LEVEL 2 certification involves three courses, one required and two elective. The required course is TI:ME 2C Integrating Technology into the Music Curriculum. The applicant must also take one elective from the TI:ME 2A strain and one from the TI:ME 2B strain. For complete information on courses see the course descriptions.

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