TI:ME 2A: Notation

Participants will learn to use music notation [insert name of software program] to print out scores and parts. The course will be taught in a hands-on environment. The course is designed to train instrumental, choral, and classroom music specialists to use [program name] for notating and printing music. Participants will learn how to input music using an electronic keyboard and computer and to print out scores and parts. Topics include: transposing band and orchestra parts; printing a choral score; music notation problem solving; incorporation of notation examples into word processors; composing and arranging music; and using notation software with students. Participants will bring several examples of music notation to be entered during the course. Maximum number of students is 16.

PREREQUISITE: TI:ME Level One Certification, or completed a minimum of 2 courses in music technology, or comparable experience using music sequencing software with a Macintosh or Windows PC. This course is designed for the experienced computer user.

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