Creating Lesson Plans Correctly

Creating Lesson Plans Correctly

Dr. Steven Estrella
[email protected]
ShearSpire, Inc.

TI:ME Technology Areas Addressed:

Productivity Tools




General Music


Web browser


50 Minutes

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

Students have at least four-year degrees in music education and are practicing music teachers.

NAfME standard of 1994 Addressed:




Mac or PC, Web Browser, Video/Data Projector


At the conclusion of this lesson, students will:

  1. Create Behavioral Lesson Objectives that strongly imply how they will be assessed,
  2. Compose Step by Step Procedures for delivering instruction and leading activities, and
  3. Design Evaluation procedures that explain how the student achievement of the lesson objectives will be measured and recorded.


  1. The teacher will review this lesson plan with the students so they understand the scope of the lesson, its objectives, and how they will be assessed.
  2. Students will then independently review guidelines for creating lesson plans found at:
  3. Students will examine two model lesson plans at:
  4. Students will then choose one of their own lesson plans to modify using a word processor.
  5. Students will modify the objectives of the lesson to be sure they are measurable and behavioral.
  6. Students will modify the evaluation section of the lesson to be sure it produces an objective, recorded measurement of achievement using clear criteria.
  7. Students will then write the procedures section of the lesson plan to be sure students learn the necessary skills to demonstrate success.
  8. Students will then copy and paste their lesson plans into the Lesson Plan Creator form in the members only section of or otherwise submit their lesson plans to the instructor as directed.


Each lesson plan will be assessed according to the following rubric.

1 point will be given if the Objectives section of the plan is measurable and implies assessment criteria.

1 point will be given if the Procedures section of the plan clearly relates to the objectives.

1 point will be given if the Evaluation section of the plan describes clear criteria for measuring achievement of the lesson objectives and a clear description of how student achievement will be measured and recorded for future reference.

Each student will revise their plan until the above criteria are met and 3 points are awarded for the lesson.

Points will be recorded in a spreadsheet and used as part of the basis for the final workshop grade.

Follow Up:

This lesson is competency based. Once completed, each student will deliver a lesson plan in class while the other students play the role of young music students.

The evaluation portion of this lesson will be repeated each time a student submits a completed lesson plan.

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